About Clinic

ROHTO AOHAL CLINIC is the Japanese non-invasive cosmetic surgery clinic established under ROHTO-MENTHOLATUM (VIETNAM) Co., Ltd.

ROHTO-MENTHOLATUM has a long history since 1899 and has been the leading pharmaceutical & cosmeceutical group of companies in research & development for products and services at Japan. Nowadays our group has been expanding the network more than 150 countries in the world.

ROHTO-MENTHOLATUM (VIETNAM) Co., Ltd. has been established since 1996 and contributing Health and Beauty in Vietnam through pharmaceutical & cosmetics products. Now, we have started cosmetic surgery clinic in order to contribute and commit into individual customer’s Health and Beauty deeply more. “AOHAL” is Japanese artificial sentence having the meanings of “Forever in a healthy youthful active life”. We provide the best solution having high effectiveness, high level of safety, comfortable feeling and less downtime for individual customer base on scientific diagnosis and polite counseling as ROHTO-MENTHOLATUM group to support customer’s “AOHAL”. Moreover, we provide skin care and make up service with professional consultation to achieve TOTAL BEAUTY. Last of all, the most important commitment on our clinic is “Customer First”. We are trying to provide perfect service and exceed customer’s expectation with Happy Surprise. Please enjoy your healthy and beautiful life together with ROHTO AOHAL CLINIC.

Best Regards,
Clinic Director

Shunsuke Shinoda