Our Staffs

  • Nguyen Thi Hoai Thien - Clinic Supervisor

    It is my honor to have the opportunity to work at Rohto Aohal Clinic –an enthusiastic and devoted working environment. With commitment to putting the customer first, Rohto Aohal Clinic provides scientific diagnostics processes, modern skincare technologies, all done with hospitality. I believe that with the intensive experience and extensive knowledge passed on by ROHTO – a pharmaceutical and cosmetic company with a long history, our Clinic provides you with a youthful, hopeful and joyful life to each customer.

  • Le Thi Thuy Van - Beauty Consultant

    Rohto Aohal Clinic is a Japanese high quality cosmetic surgery clinic where I have gained much valuable experience working. We are committed to always exceeding customers’ expectation based on good collaboration, friendliness and the mindset of putting the customer first.

  • Than Thanh Mai – Beauty Consultant

    I am fortunate and proud to be able to work and contribute to a professional working environment like the one here in Rohto Aohal Clinic. Hospitality, enthusiasm and the desire to exceed customers’ expectations are our highlights. We not only provide the modern skincare treatment with the processes from Japan but also wish to bring customers comfort and trust. I believe in the sustainable development of the Clinic as we put quality of service and customer’s satisfaction at top priority and I think dedication to serving customers will help them feel relaxed and comfortable.

  • Le Thi Tra My - Nurse

    I am very proud and honored to work at Rohto Aohal Clinic - a high quality cosmetic surgery clinic. The company and I always care about our services as well as customer satisfaction. Rohto Aohal Clinic not only offers high quality services but also exceeds customers’ expectation. At Rohto Aohal Clinic, customers will be consulted, treated with modern machines and intensive therapy treatment for better skin. The working environment here is very professional where staff support each other to achieve the best performance. We believe Rohto Aohal Clinic will give customers absolute satisfaction.

  • Bich Lieu - Therapist Leader

    I am happy to work at Rohto Aohal Clinic - a very good working environment. Rohto Aohal Clinic always puts customer satisfaction first. We give customers the peace of mind by applying various laser technologies, in a scientific diagnostic process and modern skin care. In addition, customers at the clinic can feel the joy and trust by the hospitality in Rohto Aohal Clinic.

  • Vu Thi Phuong- Beauty Consultant

    It is my honor to have an opportunity to work in a professional environment as Rohto Aohal Clinic. Our motto is customer first, so the Clinic always pays attention to investing in modern equipment, high quality care products, professional and dedicated staff. Our Clinic would bring satisfaction, trust and best service to customers.

  • Shinoda Chiaki - Japanese Beauty Consultant

    The weather in Vietnam is very hot, humid and strong ultraviolet whole year. We often feel it’s difficult to take care our skin with the same method as in Japan. Particularly, most of people worry about spots, freckles and acne. It’s a worthwhile job to solve a wide variety of customer’s skin problems   and provide direction of how to skin care at home in ROHTO AOHAL CLINIC. Our doctors and stuff cooperate and unity with each other, support your beauty with the philosophy of "customer first".