I used to be quite ‘subjective’ to my fair skin inherited from my mom, so I left it ‘unattentive’, no even with any sunblock! Some years ago, one day I came to the tennis court for my husband’ support on a tournament of his, the heat from the concrete ground badly affected my face skin, as a consequence of which, I had a round of pigmentation on the left cheek! It was growing darker and larger with time! To one day, when talking to me, one of may colleagues asked me: “Oh what, how could that pigmentation be on your face!” I suffered it for another 2 years before I determined to clear that stubborn pigmentation out of my check! I came to ROHTO AOHAL CLINIC. The treatment process was quite comfortable. The doctors chose for me the most suitable approach to my fragile skin, which is BBL light treatment, followed with Iontophoresis placenta and Mask. I was also told to strictly follow skincare from the clinic, including careful face wash, moisture and sun block applications. The effect is satisfying! The pigmentation has become so light it’s hardly seen with eyes, not to mention the skin on other areas on my face has become so fresh and tight that I myself love keeping looking at it :) So, you can’t be stubborn with your stubborn pigmentations! Clear them out of your face! But don’t forget to find a credited clinic, keep it in mind then! (smile happily)


    Do shooting under the sun many hours that make my skin appear with a lot of brown sot and freckles I’m very worry and find the way how to restore my nice skin. I’m so much confused with many choices and many beauty clinics. But I really believe and choose ROHTO AOHAL CLINIC by “Japanese standard” that it’s provide. I was served by whole hearted and enthusiastic doctor. I feel very comfortable and totally forgot scare as: machine, laser, or doctor… I really satisfy with laser treatment be provided, it’s safety and effective. Almost my brown spot and freckle is lightened and disappeared. Wow, my refresh skin is coming back. I believe that ROHTO AOHAL CLINIC will be my choice, whenever my skin have any problems, they will solve and bringing back my radiant skin.

  • MC Thanh Thao

    I knew ROHTO AOHAL CLINIC by an introduction of friend. Actually, my skin did not have many problem, but due to my busy schedule under sunlight, I was afraid of dark spot and aging for skin’s face. I just wanted to come and check first, but the facilities, doctors and Rohto’s reputation were made me chose ROHTO AOHAL CLINIC. After second treatment of AOHAL method (rejuvenation method), my skin became smooth, soft and evenly, no more dark spot. Because I am so busy with my schedule, so I do not have enough time to make-up carefully, just sunscreen and lipstick are enough to start working. And I like my natural beauty. Thanks to ROHTO AOHAL CLINIC and AOHAL method to help me confident like that!

  • Mrs. Thuy – wife of Actor Bao Quoc

    When came back to Vietnam, I had a chance to come to ROHTO AOHAL CLINIC for skincare and treatment. After several times of treatment, my skin was brighten, smooth and more beautiful. I was really satisfied and would like to introduce clinic to more people. Hope that you can experience Japanese skincare and treatment in ROHTO AOHAL CLINIC, like me.

  • Trần Hà My

    The other day I went to the opening ceremony of the ROHTO AOHAL Clinic, which from Rohto Group with more than 117 years developed successfully in Japan. I got to find out about these beautifying technology and enlighten myself in this field itself, to help my body and skin look youthful and flawless. Having lived and cooperated with the Japanese for a long time, I’m quite confident about what their service can do, especially now in HCMC, spas developing a lot but many without any assurance. Prices is also reasonable, and most important it goes without saying that the Japanese services is terrific! After the treatment I also receive a bottle of Vitamin C serum as a gift which brought the youth of my skin to a whole new level

  • Liên Anh Nguyễn

    Who said that beautifier is beautiful ? Being a beauty blogger, my face skin problem really stress due to strict schedule, allergy to intense filming light, dirt that the skin exposed to outdoor filming. However, this job requires beautiful and well-protected skin at all times. Yesterday, I went to the press conference, I received a lot of compliments on my skin from actress Lan Phuong and Mc Quynh Nhu , so glad !! So in order to maintain my beauty I cant live without Vitamin C iontophoresis. This technology must be familiar. The main idea is to lead a sufficient electric current throught the skin helping them attract beneficial Vitamin C ions into the lower part of our skin, which stimulate its freshness, and better circulation of the blood. Best option for those who want immediate beauty. The branch to which I frequently go is Aohal Clinic&Spa- 2 Phạm Đình Thái, Q.3. This is deninitely the perfect place from Japan which always place its customer needs on top. I’m so in love with the VISIA machine here since they are effective and give the statistic rate in comparison with those in other clinics. Beside Vitamin C Iontophoresis, Aohal Clinic offers beauty injections and treatments for old or badly damged skin. You might wanna consider those services at Aohal Clinic.

  • Cúc Thụy Kim Phùng

    After discusing about my problems I got to have a skin scan. I felt very secure to talk to a doctor specialised in skin care who directly consulted about great things to me. Hence, I purchased immediately a combo of skin time reversing process BBLS which is way better than expected that the doc suggested. P/S : Im so fond of the lovely odour when entering ROHTOAOHAL CLINIC ! Seems that this is partly why I was so easily convinced as my mood was on top of the world.

  • Nguyễn Thị Ngân Hà

    How lucky I am to have so caring from my husband, even in beautification field. For instance weekly he takes me to ROHTO AOHAL CLINIC in order to execute the doctor’s presciption that i shared with you recently. Didnt have time to write a review until now. My skin has make a lot of progress and is no longer dried or easily affected, even my husband is amazed about how soft my skin was.

  • Nguyễn Thị Mến

    As promised, I will give a review about my process of treatment at ROHTO AOHAL CLINIC. Acne reduced considerably after the third treatment, the colour of the skin is more natural and marks are faded remarkably. Treating skin is a process, without good care skin will be ugly again no matter what you do so take notice of this. Under treatment skin is quite sensitive, so skin care products must be picked thoughtfully. Im using the Dermacept from japan to take care for my skin. Face cleaning foam must be comfortable, light and does not cause allergy. Sun cream is the best part, quickly absorted, not smelly or oily. So satisfied that Im telling you guys now. Still have 2 more treatments to go, but Im so pleased now. After weeks not taking care of my face, spots appeared. Marks left make me depressed for a very long time. Must love myself , I was advised to go to ROHTO AOHAL CLINIC, I decided to go since it belongs to japan , quality of service is no need to mention. Moreover I have heard about Rohto long ago, so Im not worried at all. The doctor suggested BBL treatment. Im quite pleased even for the first time due to obvious improvements , marks was gone and skin are evenly coloured.

Customer’s satisfaction is the commitment of ROHTO AOHAL CLINIC, so we have made an actual survey with 400 customers to learn about the level of their satisfaction after using the service. With the scale of "satisfaction" increased from 1 to 5, the survey found that more than 90% of customers were actually happy with the service of ROHTO AOHAL CLINIC.


Chart of level of customer's satisfaction
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