Botox Neuro modulation

A under eye folds is the accumulation of adipose tissue around eyes’ area, which happened due to age, lack of sleep, genetics ... In particular, this problem occurs in many Asian people. Botox helps soften the fold and make eye widen. This method is extremely safe and widely used in the most famous cosmetic’s industry such as USA, Japan, Korea.

Time of visit: 4 – 6 months/ time.


  • Step 

    Clean the skin.

    Clean the skin and area around eyes.

  • Step

    Take photo of lower eyelids and diagnosis by ROHTO AOHAL CLINIC doctor

  • Step


    Professional therapist will apply anesthetic cream into treatment area, and then doctor will start Botox injections.

  • Step

    Skin care after treatment

    We would provide skin care guidance to you in order to maximize your treatment result, protect your skin, and we would like you to take care your skin daily at home.

    • Do not makeup within injection day, but it is possible from the next day.
    • Do not have a mask, or rub or massage the treatment area within after 24 hours. Face washing is no problem, but please do not rub too strongly.
    • Refrain from alcohol in treatment day.The result will appear from 5 – 7 days after Botox injection.
    • Use Dermacept for best result.


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