Hair removal

The high-energy pulsed light system emitted a light spectrum consisting of different wavelengths to selectively affect hair follicle pigmentation. When absorbed by the pigment, light transferred into heat, affecting the capillaries and roots, eliminating nutrition for hair. Since then, the hair will die and fall off. In addition, it contributes to inactivating cells responsible for producing new hairs, helping to maintain effectiveness of the treatment.

The process:

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    The medical and skin care diagnosis by ROHTO AOHAL CLINIC doctor

    There are many various solutions (oral, topical, treatment, skin care...) for many various skin types. So, our doctor will examine and consult an appropriate treatment progress for your own condition.
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    Treatment areas: Axilla, Mustaches, Beard, Face, Upper limp, Forearm or arm, Lower limb, Thigh or leg, others...

    Number of treatments: 5-10 times, normally 4 weeks for each time.
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    Skin care after treatment

    • After treatment, your skin might turn red during 2 hours or longer. You should use a cold compress if needed. If there are any crusting, apply antibiotic cream.
    • During 3 weeks before and after treatment, avoid contacting directly with sunlight to reduce the risk of melasma of treatment area. Use sunscreen with SPF 25 or higher at all times throughout the treatment.
    • Shower using mild soap, deodorant, etc… is possible after the treatment, but do not rub strongly.


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