Pigmentation treatment

The most advanced technologies at ROHTO AOHAL CLINIC are used to affect the pigment molecules, shattering them into supramoleculars and then excreting through the body's natural filtration system. Our Clinic perform work on:
     - Melasma
     - Freckles, age spots
     - Post-acne dark spots or post inflammatory hyperpigmentation
     - Birthmarks

The process:

  • Step

    Instant skin analysis with VISIA machine to capture 8 skin features.

    It is the first step and very important to know exactly your overall skin condition and age, that providing a revolutionary new metric to guide the selection of skin care products and treatment options. The service is free for the first visit. Let’s explore your skin at Rohto Aohal Clinic.

  • Step

    The medical and skin care diagnosis by ROHTO AOHAL CLINIC doctor

    There are many various solutions (oral, topical, treatment, skin care...) for many various skin types. So, our doctor will examine and consult an appropriate treatment progress for your own condition.

  • Step


    Firstly, professional therapist will make your skin clean, then doctor will start treatment. The laser irradiation just impact on the pigment melanin and destroy the pigment.
    Even if there is a small spot, it will drop the makeup, so it can also be treated.   


  • Step

    Skin care after treatment

    • You may have a slightly burning and tingling pain.
    • After irradiation, until scab can be taken (1-2 weeks), please apply the ointment.
    • Repeat visit after one week.
    • When skin is peeled, apply the cream follow direction of doctor to prevent recurrence of melasma
    • Apply sunscreen (SPF30 or higher) to protect your skin when going out.
    • The next treatment will be taken after 2 – 4 weeks. Your doctor will provide you the optimal course of treatment based on your skin type and melasma condition.
    • Use Dermacept products for best result.


(All price is including VAT)