Founded back in 1899, Rohto Pharmaceutical is a top cosmeceutical company in Japan with offices located in 150 countries around the globe. Rohto-Mentholatum Vietnam was founded in 1996. In Vietnam, Rohto-Mentholatum's products are widely used and praised by Vietnamese customers.

Thanks to the knowledge acquired from Rohto Pharmaceutical Japan; ROHTO AOHAL CLINIC was established in Vietnam in 2015, under the management of Rohto-Mentholatum Vietnam.

ROHTO AOHAL CLINIC provides skin treatments and non-surgical aesthetic treatments that strictly follow the quality standards from Japan. ROHTO AOHAL CLINIC can be considered the perfect mix of aesthetic medical technology and the skincare knowledge Rohto Pharmaceutical acquired after years of manufacturing cosmeceutical products. 

In 2018, with a new direction, ROHTO AOHAL CLINIC proudly positions ourselves as a leading beauty clinic in treating hyper-pigmentation issues (dark spots, melasma, freckles, age spots...) thanks to our advanced technology, our highly skilled & experienced doctors and our medical research experience from Japan.