Benign skin tumors such as warts, milia, moles... don't really affect people's health but they can easily make people feel insecured about their bumpy skin.

On top of that, there is no scientifically proven method to treat these skin tumors at home by yourself. Therefore, when dealing with these skin tumors, it's recommended to go to a good skin clinic for safe & effective treatment.


Tumor is born when some cells grow beyond the control of our bodies and become a mass of tissues with no specific function. Most tumors are benign, which means non-cancerous. Benign tumors are harmless. They stay in the same place and do not spead to other parts of the body. Types of benign tumor on the skin include mole, milium, skin tag, wart and so on. 

At ROHTO AOHAL CLINIC, we use advanced Fractional CO2 Laser technology to treat benign skin tumors safely and effectively. The Fractional CO2 Laser beams will deeply penetrate the tumors and break down the tumor tissues, removing the tumor. On top of that, the Laser also enhances the body's collagen & elastin production so that the skin recovers faster after the tumor removal. It usually takes only 1 treatment to get rid of the skin tumor completely. After the treatment, the tumor is very unlikely to come back.

Feel free to give us questions or consultation request. Our Doctors and Beauty Consultants are always ready to have a free consultation.
  • The technology is scientifically proven to be effective. The treatment is widely used around the world.
  • Approved by the FDA, Fractional CO2 Laser technology is completely safe with no damage to the skin, no irritation or side effect after the treatment.
  • The treatment delivers high result, with only 1 session needed.
  • Customers' comfort is ensured during the treatment. Customers will not feel any pain or burn on the skin during the treatment.

Cleanse the skin, preparing for treatment


Consultation with doctor. Our doctor will diagnose and come up with a treatment plan


Apply numbing cream on the treated area


Our doctor performs CO2 Laser treatment


Finish the treatment

Our therapist applies cold compress or cooling cream on the treated area to calm the skin


Skincare after treatment

- AVOID touching the treated area for the first 24 hours after the treatment. 

- Customers can gently clean the treated area with water after the 24 hours. DO NOT use any kind of soap, shower gel or cleanser on the treated area for the first 3 DAYS after the treatment. 

- There will be a thin layer of crust on the treated area. The crust will peel off naturally after 7 - 10 days. DO NOT pick on the crust to avoid scarring. Apply Vaseline generously to help the curst peel off faster. 

- Minimize sun exposure to the treated area and use sunscreen with SPF30 and above before going out. 

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