- Completed the course of "Laser application in Medicine" at Institute for Biomedical Physics (HCMC)

- Completed numerous training programs in Laser Nd YAG Q-Switched, Laser Fractional CO2, HIFU, IPL… hosted by the Dermatology Department of University of Medicine & Pharmacy (Ho Chi Minh City)


- Joined the "Dermatologic & Aesthetic Surgery International League" (DASIL) 4th Annual Congress in 2015

- Completed training courses on Fillers & Botox hosted by Juvéderm


- Completed the course of "Hyaluronic Acid injection techniques for skin rejuvenation" at Hospital of Dermatology (HCMC)

- Received certificate for "Updating new trends in Fillers application for Non-surgical Cosmetic Procedures" issued by Pham Ngoc Thach Medical Unversity 

- Received certificate for "Basic Knowledge in Stem Cell and Cosmeticeutical" issued by University of Medicine & Pharmacy (HCMC)

- Received certificate for "Laser application in treating damaged blood vessels, hyper-pigmentations and scars" issued by University of Medicine & Pharmacy (HCMC)

- Received certificate for "Treating skin diseases caused by skin hyper-pigmentation disorder" issued by University of Medicine & Pharmacy (HCMC)


- Regular guest doctor on medical talk show 'Doctor Enter" broadcast by HTV9 at 7:00 a.m every morning

- Completed the training courses on Fillers, Botulinum Toxin, thread-lifting hosted by Merz Institute

- Completed advanced training program on Fillers hosted by Taiwanese doctors from Juvéderm at Cho Ray Hospital

- Joined the "Facial Rejuvenation" workshop hosted by Filorga at Cho Ray Hospital

- Joined the National Dermatology Conference


- Completed the Continuing Medical Education (CME) courses on "Laser and Light application in Dermatology" at Hospital of Dermatology (HCMC)


- Completed the training course on thread-lifting hosted by Silhouette Soft

- Joined ROHTO AOHAL CLINIC as a Dermatologist