Clean body hair, soft skin to bring a sense of comfort, and confidence is always considered the charm of women. For men, removing the beard makes the face look younger and neater. However, doing improper hair removal treatment can lead to unwanted problems such as folliculitis, dark skin, ingrown hairs... causing loss of aesthetics.

To meet the needs of hair removal / beard removal effectively, ROHTO AOHAL CLINIC applies the most modern Sapphire Laser Diode technology 808nm-H6, providing optimal hair removal results and improves lighter and smoother skin.



Traditional hair treatment methods do not bring long-term effects are also harmful to the skin such as:

- Shaving

- Plucking hairs with tweezers

- Using hair removal cream

- Waxing hair with hot, or cold wax

After a while, it will be easy to encounter dark pores, lumpy skin, folliculitis, ingrown hairs... Even these methods cause pain, burning, stinging when used, then can cause skin irritation, inflammation of swelling, erythema, edema, itching. Therefore, high-tech hair removal is the most optimal choice to bring high hair removal efficiency and safety to the skin.

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Between countless advertisements, how to distinguish what is a good hair removal technology and which is a poor quality hair removal technology? The comparison table below will help you understand and make your choice easier.


Hair_Removal 02_138
Comparison of the most popular hair removal technologies today (updated 2022)



Diode Laser Sapphire is a modern semiconductor laser technology that brings the most optimal hair removal effect today. The wavelength of 808nm is capable of accurately selecting the pigments in the hair follicles, acting on the capillaries and remove the source of nutrition preventing the hair from growing back. From there, the hair will gradually die and fall out with providing a long-term effect.


Diode Laser Sapphire Hair Removal Treatment at ROHTO AOHAL CLINIC


In particular, the name Sapphire comes from the strength of the machine structure with Sapphire light conductor combined with 3 types of advanced cooling technology. The removal head quickly slips on the skin completely without causing burning, stinging or discomfort. After hair removal, skin does not swell red, no side effects ... and normal activities.

After completing the treatment, customers will feel the skin in the hair removal area become brighter, healthier, smoother, improves the condition of dark and rough skin, hair folliculitis.


Optimal cooling Sapphire head below 5 degrees C


Diode Laser Sapphire helps to improve smooth light skin


The common areas for hair removal are: armpits, arms, legs, thighs, bikini area, moustache, stomach...

Normally, customers need to do the procedure about 5 times, depending on the area of thoroughness and condition of the hair follicles to achieve the best effect, separate every 3-4 weeks. Then just need to do it once or twice a year to maintain the results.

Diode Laser Sapphire techonology is a popular hair removal technology all over the world, especially in Japan, the United States and other advanced countries. The effect of Diode Laser Sapphire hair removal receives very high praise from customers



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  • Outstanding efficiency, proven by the popularity of customers around the world.
  • Certified safe, does not cause damage to the skin, does not cause irritation or side effects after treatment.
  • No downtime. No impact on daily life.
  • The treatment is gentle, comfortable without causing burning or discomfort.
  • Besides hair removal, the treatment helps the skin brighter and smoother.

The doctor examines the condition of the hair follicle and assigns the number of doing hair removals.


Shave the treated area carefully to prepare for treatment


Apply light-transmitting gel on the skin


Our therapist performs the treatment


Finish the treatment

Our therapist applies moisturizer and sunscreen on the treated area.


Skincare after treatment

- Within 3 weeks before and after the treatment, avoid sun exposure to minimize the risk of melasma, darkening of the treated skin area.

- Apply sunscreen with SPF30 or above on the treated area when going out.

- After the treatment, it is possible to use shower gel, mild deodorant .. but just pat the skin gently, DO NOT rub or tug hard on the skin.

- NOTE: From the 5th day to the 30th day after the treatment, the hair will fall out and it may feel like new hair is growing. However, it's not new hair. It's the dead hair being pushed out of hair follicles.

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