Keloid, hypertrophic scar don't cause any health problem but they can easily shatter the confidence of anyone who has them because of how unattractive they look on the skin.

Why let keloid and hypertrophic scar get in the way of your life? With a very reasonable price, ROHTO AOHAL CLINIC will help you get rid of keloid, hypertrophic scar safely, completely and effectively with our team of dedicated and skillful doctors.


The main causes of keloid and hypertrophic scar is the over-production of collagen and elastin during the wound healing process. 

Keloid and hypertrophic scar usually form after injuries such as laceration, skin tear, bad tattoo, burn, surgery wound... or during skin inflammation from acne, skin infections, insect bites.

Keloid scar and hypertrophic scar often appear as pink/purple distinctive spots or patches on the skin with a smooth and bulging surface. 

When the skin is damaged, the recovery process may leave a flat scar on the skin. The scar may become hypertrophic, thickening over time but it is still confined within the edges the wound. Hypertrophic scar is usually red and they can subside over time. 

Meanwhile, keloid begins to appear a while after the skin is damaged and they can spread beyond the wound. Even a tiny injury like insect bite can cause keloid on the skin. Keloid is especially ugly to look at, causing many discomfort and insecurity for people when having them. 

At ROHTO AOHAL CLINIC, we treat keloid and hypertrophic scar by injecting Corticosteroids into the scar. Corticosteroid is a very strong anti-inflammatory agent. Injecting Corticosteroid into the scar will prevent inflammation, reduce the amount of fibroblasts and inhibit collagen formation on the scar area, healing the scar slowly yet effectively.

The ideal treatment interval is once every 4 - 8 weeks. It may take multiple treatments (more than 5 times) to achieve the desirable result. Customers should be patient and closely follow doctor's instructions during the course of the treatment. 

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  • Injecting Corticosteroid is scientifically proven as an effective treatment for keloid, hypertrophic scar. The treatment is widely used around the world. 
  • ROHTO AOHAL CLINIC has a team of dedicated, skilled and experienced doctors to make sure the treatment deliver the best result for our customers. 
  • At ROHTO AOHAL CLINIC, the treatment strictly follows the Japanese standards in safety and quality. Customers will not feel any great pain or discomfort during the treatment.  

Consultation with doctor. Our doctor will diagnose and come up with a treatment plan


Clean the treated area


Sanitize and apply numbing cream on the treated area


 Our doctor injects Corticosteroid into the scar


Finish the treatment

Our therapist applies a cold compress on the treated area


Skincare after treatment

Apply topical medicine prescribed by doctor on the scar 2 times a day

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