Melano CC is an extremely popular Vitamin C skincare line formulated by ROHTO Pharmaceutical (Japan). Melano CC products can remove hyper-pigmentations such as dark spots, acne scars, sun spots…; tighten the pores and brighten up your complexion. Melano CC products all contain high concentration of Vitamin C, which is an amazing ingredient to combat hyper-pigmentations. Melano CC products have received positive reviews from all over the world; praising its effectiveness in getting rid of dark spots, acne scars...
Containing Pure Vitamin C & Vitamin E, Melano CC Essence is the most popular product in the Melano CC skincare line.
Containing Pure Vitamin C, Melano CC Lotion can lighten hyper-pigmentation and inhibit the melanin production.
Containing lemon and grapefruit extract, Melano CC Mist can lighten hyper-pigmentation and refresh the skin.
Melano CC Sheet Mask is the combination of Vitamin C & E. It can brighten and even out your complexion.