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Treatment of skin issues always receives a lot of attention because it relates to appearance and affects health. Therefore, seeking a reputable dermatology clinic is essential for effective and safe treatment.
Comprehensive skin rejuvenation technologies, from the roots, are gaining a lot of attention from many women to achieve lasting results and extend their youthful appearance.
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The application of the BAP technique in skin rejuvenation treatments is currently highly popular. Let's delve deeper into this modern BAP injection technique with ROHTO AOHAL CLINIC.



ROHTO AOHAL CLINIC invites you to better understand the most advanced pigmentation treatment technologies available here.



ROHTO AOHAL CLINIC Dermatological Institute has been awarded the "Profhilo authorized Treatment Provider 2023" certificate from the Director of NEOASIA Vietnam (the exclusive distributor of Profhilo in Vietnam).


Wrinkles in the eyes always make many people feel insecure because they show signs of old age. The ways to remove wrinkles around the eyes are advised by experts to help dispel this worry.

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Both of them are non-invasive skin rejuvenation technologies, so what are the unique advantages of Sofwave and HIFU? Let's explore and compare them in more detail at ROHTO AOHAL CLINIC to choose a suitable skin rejuvenation treatment regimen easily.