How do Botox and Fillers work? Botox Injections – Fillers Injections

10:16:33 05/05/2021

Botox and Fillers – How do they work? In the article below, ROHTO AOHAL CLINIC distinguishes the difference between Botox and Fillers, their uses as well as how these two active substances work to help customers choose the right aesthetic method, easily achieve the desired beauty effect.

How do Botox and Fillers work? Differences between Botox and Fillers

How do Botox and Fillers work? Differences between Botox and Fillers

Understanding Botox - the beauty active substance that is popular today

Botox is a commonly used term in aesthetics, but not all customers have full knowledge of this active substance. Let's learn about the concept, uses and notes with ROHTO AOHAL CLINIC when using this beauty therapy!

What is Botox?

Botox is an active substance extracted from the bacterium Clostridium Botulinum and exists in liquid form. This active substance can be great for effective wrinkle removal and skin rejuvenation with only a small amount injected into the body.

How Botox works: Botox is based on the mechanism of locking nerve signals in

injection areas. After the active substance Botox enters the skin, these nerve

signals will be interrupted, the injected muscle area is temporarily paralyzed

or inactivated. From there, the wrinkles will gradually fade and proceed to

completely remove the wrinkles.

The use when injecting Botox

Botox injections are the choice of many

people to treat dynamic wrinkles on the face. These are wrinkles that form when

customers perform facial expressions such as frowning, laughing or when

grinning, talking, …

How do you know about Botox and Filler work? The effective for Botox injections

How do you know about Botox and Filler work? The effective for Botox injections

Botox showed outstanding effect when used to treat glabella lines, crow’s feet and the forehead lines.

Some notes when injecting Botox

According to studies by the American Society of Plastic Surgery (APS), Botox injections method is considered safe. And statistics from the Association show that as many as 6.7 million people injected Botox in 2015.

However, when injecting Botox customers may still have some undesirable reactions. And this depends a lot on the doctor's injections technique as well as the dosage of the unit injected into the body. Therefore, customers must pay great attention and choose the right reputable aesthetic facility to perform the therapy

Some possible reactions to inject Botox:

- Headache.

- The feeling of dry mouth.

- Swelling of the treatment area for a short time

Fillers - The active substance is widely used in aesthetics

If customers would like to understand "How do Botox and Fillers work" then it is necessary to fully learn about the concept, the use as well as the reaction that may occur when injecting fillers is essential.

What is Fillers?

Fillers is a group of substances used to inject into muscle areas beneath the surface of the skin to be treated, which fills the sunken skin areas.

Types of Fillers is commonly used today

- Juvederm: This

Fillers has a predominant composition of Hyaluronic Acid - naturally produced by

the human's body. Juvederm is considered a benign active substance, which reduces

possible reactions when injected Fillers.

- Restylane: This is one of the safe natural substances, does not contain animal origin and will automatically biodegrade over time Therefore, Restylane is perfectly suited the human body

- Sculptra: This substance has a main component of poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA), it is classified as a substance that stimulates the production and regeneration of collagen with a long-term effect, especially brings the effect of "skin rejuvenation" maintained up to 2 years.

- Radiesse: This substance immediately improves the surface of the skin after only one injection. Radiesse will help stimulate the body to produce collagen, regenerate and fill sunken skin areas.

Fillers injections help lips stretch seductively

Fillers injections help lips stretch seductively-1

Fillers injections help lips stretch seductively

Uses of Fillers Injections

How do Botox and Fillers work? By the difference in how it works and the effectiveness of the effect that indications for the treatment of signs of skin aging are also different. Among today's aesthetics, ROHTO AOHAL CLINIC is the choice favored by many customers because we put the safety factor of customers first.

- Fill with concave scars, sunken skin.

- Fill your lips with thin lips.

- Fill the static wrinkles from the nose wing downwards.

- Remove puffy eyes, wrinkles under the eyes.

Some notes when injecting Fillers

The Fillers injection method has been

proven to be safe, but to

avoid possible reactions, customers should choose reputable and professional

aesthetic facilities in treatment. Among today's aesthetics, ROHTO AOHAL CLINIC

is the choice favored by many customers because we put the safety factor of our

customers first.

Some possible reactions when injecting Fillers:

- The filler-injected skin may have red swelling or slight bruising.

- Itching, rash or pimples in the injection area.

- Appearance of dead skin cells due to decreased blood flow.

How do you know exactly Botox and Fillers work?

Botox or Fillers injections are both used  to beautify, remove wrinkles and rejuvenate the skin. However, these two active substances differ completely in the mechanism of action. Customers can refer to similarities and differences between the two methods in the table below:


Botox Injections Method

Fillers Injections Method

How it works

Inactivated the muscles in areas of skin with dynamic wrinkles by preventing nerve signals from transmitting to this muscle group.

Fill skin tissue with sunken skin, scars or static wrinkles.

The Result

After a few days

Right away

Effective maintenance time

3 - 6 months.

From 6 months to 2 years.

The Advantage

Beauty efficiency is quicker and more cost-effective when compared to surgical beauty methods.

The Disadvantage

Botox and Fillers injections have no permanent effect and must be re-injected if they want to maintain beauty results.

 Conclusion: Botox injections and Filler injections are two beauty methods that are considered safe and are popular among aesthetics. The side effects of Botox and Filler are negligible and will not appear if the customer chooses the right reputable and quality aesthetic facility.

In Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, ROHTO AOHAL CLINIC is confident to be a quality aesthetic facility with a team of skilled aesthetic doctors with high professional qualifications, helping customers completely feel secure in doing beauty treatment.

We use advanced technology with modern machines and especially only use drugs from leading brands in the world.

Therefore, if customers are interested in these two beauty methods, please contact Hotline of ROHTO AOHAL CLINIC: (028) 3930 9555 - (028) 3827 9737 - (024) 3375 5588  immediately for advice and make an appointment as soon as possible.


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