How long does Fillers and Botox effect last?

09:57:07 05/05/2021

You are in need of making beauty with Fillers and Botox but do not know how long the Botox and Filler effect lasts? Depending on how fast your body metabolizes the fillers or what kind of lifestyle you have, the duration of existence of these active substances is different.

However, there are still some effective measures to help prolong the beauty period with Botox and Filler. ROHTO AOHAL CLINIC would like to share the tips that are being applied by many customers.

How long does the Fillers and Botox effect last? How does it work?

Fillers and Botox are two beauty methods with the same technical methods but differ in the effectiveness of treatment and the duration of prolonged effects.

Fillers show effect obviously in the treatment of skin aging and removes static wrinkles - wrinkles appear even if the face does not have muscle elasticity – forehead, mouth wrinkles,...

Fillers effects on each area on face

Fillers effects on each area on face

Meanwhile Botox has the effect of removing wrinkles - wrinkles appear due to the movement of muscle bundles on the face – crow’s feet, forehead lines, crow's feet, frown lines between the eyebrows, chin wrinkles…

Botox effects on each area on face

Botox effects on each area on face

Although Fillers and Botox are widely known for its wrinkle removal and skin rejuvenation, each active substance when injected into the skin also brings many other beauty effects.

For customers who would like to improve facial contours but are afraid of cutlery aesthetics, fillers injections is a safe and cost-effective option. Fillers can also help lengthen and sharpen the chin area, giving customers the desirable V-Line face. Those who have thin lips can use fillers to achieve fuller lips as well.

Botox is also more effective in slimming the jaw muscles, helping the face to be delicate and effective when treating excessive sweating in the armpits, hand and feet.

The duration of the existence of Fillers and Botox depends on many factors

The duration of the existence of Fillers and Botox depends on many factors.

About the question: How long do Botox and Filler results last? It depends on how your body metabolizes the fillers and botox. But normally, Filler remains effective for between 3 months and 2 years, while Botox has a shorter duration of effects, from 3-6 months.

However, if the customer would like to extend the existence of these active ingredients, some measures can still be requested.

What reduces the effectiveness of botox and fillers?

Location of the Injection

The effectiveness of botox and filler will be affected by the injection area on the face. Muscle areas that are more active like the forehead or around the eyes and mouth will not be able to prolong the effect of these active substances. In contrast, fillers and botox will last longer with thinner and less active muscle areas.

In particular, fillers placed deep in the cheek or tear troughs often can last longer because they are placed on the bone, underneath the muscle.

Dosage of the Injection 

It seems obvious that small doses of botox and fillers will dissipate faster than larger doses. In addition, injecting multiple injections closer together will also prolong the results of the active substance.

Living Environment

The environment also reduces the effectiveness of botox and fillers if the skin is not protected properly. The main factors that prevent results lasting longer include UV radiation and air pollution. Damaged skin by free radicals can accelerate the aging process and cause skin to sag.

In addition, the skin care products that you apply to the treatment area are also a big factor affecting the long-term results.

Your Unique Body

Each person's body will have a different way of processing protein. In addition, genetic factors or even your age also affect the rate at which your injectables dissipate. Usually, people who are active will metabolize both botox and fillers faster.

Remedies to prolong the duration of effects when injecting Filler and Botox

If the customer ensures the following factors, the lifetime of Fillers and Botox will be extended:

Choose the right highly specialized, experienced dermatologists:

For beauty treatments with Fillers and Botox, the injection technique and the injection dosage are very important. But only proficient dermatologists can do these things.

Having excellent injection techniques help prolong survival of Botox and Fillers

The doctor is committed to inject the correct dose of the active substance recommended by medical organizations, but also has full knowledge of these active substances to ensure the injection dosage is suitable for each patient.

At the same time, the doctor must also be a knowledgeable person about the structure of the facial muscles, how the muscles work, as well as experience in injection techniques can ensure accurate injections into the position of muscle groups that need to be applied.

Use high-quality Fillers and Botox:

Fillers and Botox must be real, kept completely cold during transportation to the clinic. The clinic also needs to be equipped with a cooling system to help maintain the best quality of the active substances.

ROHTO AOHAL CLINIC uses quality Fillers and Botox to achieve the best treatment effect

High quality Fillers and Botox will be approved by the FDA and proven to be 100% safe for humans.

Guaranteed injections

For Botox injections, customers should re-inject after 4 months even if the wrinkles have not returned. This helps the muscles inactivity, long-term will inhibit the neuron conductions and atrophy these muscles away, maintaining a long-term wrinkle removal effect.

Notes after injection

There are some important notes to help you prolong the results of filler and botox injections as follows:

  • Immediately after the injection, do some gentle facial exercises to help spread the substances and distribute it evenly.

  • Avoid rubbing too hard when you wash your face. This helps keep the injectables in place and prevents them from disappearing from the treatment area.

  • Use a moisturizer with hyaluronic acid (HA) to reduce inflammation and slow the body's breakdown of the injectables.

  • Besides moisturizing, choose skin care products with ingredients that stimulate collagen production and protect the skin.

  • Consistent sun protection is essential to maintain injection results. A sunscreen product containing vitamin C will be a great choice to help protect you from the sun.

  • To maximize the results of your filler injections, you should stay away from processed and packaged foods, and also limit the amount of sugar in your diet.

Where should injectable Botox and Fillers?

How long the effectiveness of Botox and Fillers lasts depends a lot on the type of active substance used at the facility of aesthetic and skilledness of the medical team. Therefore, choosing the right reputable cosmetic clinic is very important.

ROHTO AOHAL CLINIC is confident of being the best place for Fillers and Botox injections, as we ensure both of these factors in all our treatments.

ROHTO AOHAL CLINIC branch District 1, HCMC

ROHTO AOHAL CLINIC branch District 1, HCMC

ROHTO AOHAL CLINIC is an aesthetics brand was established on the knowledge acquired from the cooperation between Rohto Pharmaceutical- top cosmeceutical company in Japan with offices located in 150 countries around the globe and AOHAL CLINIC under the management of Rohto-Mentholatum Vietnam.

The advantages of Fillers and Botox injection at ROHTO AOHAL CLINIC:

- All medications used for the treatment have been approved safely and effectively by the FDA (USA), without harming the human body. For Fillers injections, we use Fillers from two famous brands, Restylane and Juvéderm that do not irritate the skin at all.

- A team of dermatologists, experienced in practical treatment and regularly discussed with medical advisory dermatologists from Japan.

- The treatment is very quick. There is no down time required.

- Achieve the desired treatment results in a short time.

- Ability to rejuvenate the skin, remove wrinkles and enhance physical feature WITHOUT PLASTIC SURGERY

The injection service is currently very popular because of its many outstanding advantages and treatment efficiency have been proven by many customers.

If you have a wish to rejuvenate the skin, remove wrinkles as well as create delicate face by Fillers and Botox, please do not to contact us via Hotline of ROHTO AOHAL CLINIC(028) 3930 9555 - (028) 3827 9737 - (024) 3375 5588.

Or come directly to these following addresses:

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