AOHAL Skincare is a luxurious anti-aging skincare line formulated by Rohto Pharmaceutical (Japan). ROHTO AOHAL CLINIC exclusively distributes and retails AOHAL Skincare products in Vietnam.
Vitamin C essence 15% AOHAL Celluminas Ample C15 helps to brighten, smooth, and youthful skin
AOHAL REPEL UV TONE-UP MILK sunscreen lotion protects and moisturizes the skin, lifts light tone, and penetrates quickly without causing greasiness on the skin.
AOHAL MOISTURE WASHING FOAM brings a simple idea but still ensures the optimal protection factor and sufficient moisture to keep the skin healthy and radiant.
AOHAL MOISTURE LOTION not only provides and maintains moisture but also regulates the natural functions of the skin, bringing you beautiful and healthy skin.
AOHAL REPEL UV TONE-UP CREAM was founded as a line of sunscreen for your beautiful skin based on research on skin aesthetics.
AOHAL Moisture Cleansing Milk with Super Hyaluronic Acid helps deeply cleanse your skin after makeup while retaining moisture to help adjust the skin's natural functions, giving you beautiful and healthy skin.