In order to strictly follow the Japanese standards in our service, a team of skilled and dedicated staffs is an extremely important factor. ROHTO AOHAL CLINIC team consists of Doctors, Beauty Consultants, Therapists & Back Office Staffs.

The 4 departments are always working together harmoniously to ensure that all of our customers are having the best experience at ROHTO AOHAL CLINIC, since they learn about us from different media channels until they step into our clinic, consult with our doctor and agree to do the treatments. 






The doctors of ROHTO AOHAL CLINIC all have more than 4 years of experience in the field. All of them have joined numerous training courses and training sessions in Vietnam and other countries. When they started working at ROHTO AOHAL CLINIC, our doctors all went through an in-dept traning session from Japan in order to fully understand and follow the Japanese standards in consultation and treatment. All of the treatments at ROHTO AOHAL CLINIC are conducted or supervised by the doctors to ensure the highest quality and safety. On top of that; any customer, whether existing or new, will get to see the doctor everytime they come to our clinic so that our doctors can make a successful diagnosis and keep track of the treatment result. 





ROHTO AOHAL CLINIC's beauty consultants all received very extensive training in serving and consulting customers, strictly following the Japanese standards. Our beauty consultants always try their best to assist and take care of customers, making sure they are 100% satisfied with ROHTO AOHAL CLINIC's service. Moreover, our beauty consultants always present themselves with professional manners and put customers first; never recommending service that customers don't need just to make sales. ROHTO AOHAL CLINIC would only suggest customers the right service for their needs and skin conditions.  





ROHTO AOHAL CLINIC's therapists all went through strict and extensive training programs in order to make sure our customers will experience the best beauty treatments during their time at our clinic. All of the steps of the treatment are conducted as carefully and tenderly as possible by the therapists to give customers a chance to fully relax and enjoy our service. During the treatment, our therapists are always willing to listen to customers' needs and requests to make sure customers are completely satisfied with our service. 





The back office staffs are the heros behind-the-scene that work their best every single day to make sure ROHTO AOHAL CLINIC can operate smoothly and effectively. Although the back office staffs do not serve customers directly, they still have an important role in bringing ROHTO AOHAL CLINIC closer to customers and further establishing ROHTO AOHAL CLINIC as a reliable, high-quality Japanese beauty clinic in Vietnam.